Friday, May 15, 2009

The Long Awaited Engagement

WOW!! It finally happened-Danny asked Samantha to marry him and she of course said YES! We are so excited for those two and for the new life that they will have together. We got to spend 3 weeks getting to know Danny and I am very thankful for those 3 weeks. If I didn't ask him one question every minute it had to be hundreds or even maybe thousands while he was here. (I wanted to know as much about him as I could--it is my job as mom, hee hee). One thing I did learn is that he loves our daughter very much and he has such respect for her as a woman and as his future wife. We have come to love Danny and the sweet spirit that he has. He is a awesome man that honors his Priesthood, loves the gospel and will take good care of Samantha.

We are looking forward to meeting all of Danny's family and to tell that what an honor it will be to have Danny join our family! We pray these 6 months that they are separated (because of school) will go by fast.

Megan is struggling with the fact that Samantha is going to change her Buis! We told her one day she will also do the same --her response was nope I'm keeping my name. Should I remind her of that when she meets that special someone, hee hee.

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Will+Candace Fox said...

awww thats so cute, about your youngest daughter. haha. but i am so happy for Samantha, and her sweetheart. they look like a perfect couple. congrats again to the both of them.
i hope you are doing awesome Sister Clubb.
I love you,