Friday, May 15, 2009

The Long Awaited Engagement

WOW!! It finally happened-Danny asked Samantha to marry him and she of course said YES! We are so excited for those two and for the new life that they will have together. We got to spend 3 weeks getting to know Danny and I am very thankful for those 3 weeks. If I didn't ask him one question every minute it had to be hundreds or even maybe thousands while he was here. (I wanted to know as much about him as I could--it is my job as mom, hee hee). One thing I did learn is that he loves our daughter very much and he has such respect for her as a woman and as his future wife. We have come to love Danny and the sweet spirit that he has. He is a awesome man that honors his Priesthood, loves the gospel and will take good care of Samantha.

We are looking forward to meeting all of Danny's family and to tell that what an honor it will be to have Danny join our family! We pray these 6 months that they are separated (because of school) will go by fast.

Megan is struggling with the fact that Samantha is going to change her Buis! We told her one day she will also do the same --her response was nope I'm keeping my name. Should I remind her of that when she meets that special someone, hee hee.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Granddaughter

Great Grandma Mimi
First Family Photo

Yes it's true you are a grandpa!

The girls LOVE her so much.
They couldn't wait for her to make her entrance into this world!

Welcome Little Bailey

Our son John and his wife Jenn had a baby girl on April 17th weighing 8 -13 and 20 1/2" long. I can't believe it has been almost a month since little Bailey was born. She was born with a head full of brown hair no wonder Jenn had the hiccups all the time :). We are blessed to see them often and can't believe how much she has grown. As soon as the walk in the door everyone scrambles to wash their hands and wait to see who gets to hold her first...she is such a loved baby. Sam says often how much she misses having a baby in the house. (It's time for our children to start having the little ones, all though I still miss having a little one too :) Bailey seems to hold her smiles for Annie - they must be kindred spirits. Megan and Brooke can't wait to babysit her.

John and Jenn are great parents and take the responsibility serious. We are very proud of them. They are a beautiful family! We love them all.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Sean and I have 5 beautiful children, with one daughter-in-law. Samantha still continues school at BYU-Idaho and is even coming to terms with the cold (very cold) winters in Idaho! John and Jenny are expecting their first child in the spring. Which means that Sean and I will be grandparents! WOW! Are we really that old--Brooke, well she is entering teenage years, so just buckle your seat belt and hold on tight. NO all seriousness she is a beautiful, extremely kind young lady. Megan is now in 5th grade and not quite sure that she is ready for all the homework that comes with it! She continues to be our peacemaker and just a joy to be around! Our little Annie, is now in 4th grade and is so excited that she got an agenda this year! Good thing that she is light as a feather, because she likes to be a lemur--she also is the "other" mom in the household.

Sean is still busy working and commuting to work - some days are better than others. I will be a substitute teacher this year at Meg and Anna's school this year. Samantha said that I am to stay away from the middle and high school-- very scary, hee hee